Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Inspire me .....

Four weeks today to Final Major project hand in!!!! Scary times.

I was really happy with the feedback and enthusiasm I received after presenting my initial idea to my two tutors Debbie and Ruth.This reassured me that my concept was commercial and had a place in the market place.However it has turned me into a stress monkey.So much to do and SO little time .Pressure is on!! Really want to do my absolute best in my FMP as this will be my very last piece of work EVER!!! I.I Spent today completing my Comparative shop and structuring an in depth SWOT analysis.This took much longer then I thought.I visited almost every store that stocked mens undies these included, M&S,Newlook,Harrods, Selfridges, Topman,House of Frazier , Hollister, Debenhams and many more. Store assistants must think I have a crazy Fetish for men's underwear as I have spent hours looking at different styles and colour themes in stores After all that boring work was done I found it hard to think about colour schemes and needed some inspiration.The aim of Pance is too create a brand that allows the customer to  express themselves in vibrant , bold and colourful underwear.I have been looking in many different areas for inspiration.

While on my  hunt for inspiration for my beloved , Colour as always is my main focus . Here are some images that are helping to get my creative juices flowing .

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