Thursday, 7 June 2012

Time to say goodbye!!! x x

I will be handing in my Final major project in a few short hours. What a crazy few months it has been I only wish I had another week I feel like I could add to it constanty.I never feel like I have done enough.Lets just hope I have done enough to get to go to graduation!!!!

I hope whoever is marking this enjoys my concept and who knows guys keep an eye out for pance in the future. @panceoffical... x

Tomorrow will be a sad day my last day at the FRA. :( I have really enjoyed my time there. starting a new job on monday with a creative design company really excited about it!!! Wish me luck xxxxxxxxxxx
Jack x

The countdown is on !!!

Fmp is due tomorrow spending today printing  everything and filling any gaps.!!! Lots of little things still to do !! :( Wish me luck !!

Below is my website,Hope you like it!!! x x x x

Monday, 4 June 2012

The world is our oyster!!!

Wow!!! Just stumbled across my stats of my blog and noticed I have views from all over the world mainly from The Uk ,Russia, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany , Ukraine and China !!Thank you all for your interest in my blog.Im flattered!! Jacq xxxxx

Hand in is fast approaching... :(

Hey Everybody ,

Trying my best to get all my little bits and pieces finished .However it is taking much longer then I expected.Here is a quick peek at my lounge wear  and swim wear collections.

I have been looking at this all day long and I am still not a 100% sure that they are sitting perfectly.I will upload my underwear range tomorrow along with some more of my work so you can have a look.It has been a long day .

Night fellow bloggers ,

Love Jacq x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Britain is having a moment !!!

The queens Jubilee and the Olympics is being celebrated all over Britain .Some amazing store displays and windows have been created to help mark these significant events.Even Banksy has left his mark .The below piece of his work appeared earlier this week in north London.The new painting features a child sewing British flags that are actually attached to the wall.The piece appeared  on the side of Poundland on Whymark Avenue in Turnpike Lane.
Pic sourced from

Below you will see some pictures from Selfridges British window displays.Very inspiring and creative Love them 1!!

Garment Technology!!!

I had a tutorial today with Rachael my Garment technology tutor.Rachael seemed happy with my progress and pointed out a few measurements that I needed to add and adjust.Nothing major which was a relief!!The weather is beautilful in London this week it was 29 degrees today not helping when I need to get work done.Below are some of my garment tech boards.Still a lot of work to do but it will give you an idea of how its progressing.

Monday, 21 May 2012

So much to do and sooo little Time.........

As I woke up this morning all I wanted to do was hide from the dreaded FMP.If only life was that easy.Just over two weeks to hand in :( STRESS!!!! .I have started my Sourcing today and after a much needed catch up with Debbie one of my tutors , I now feel like I am back on track.My main underwear line will be sourced from the Uk and I will source my Lounge wear and swim wear from Turkey.I also plan to develop a sourcing strategy with China , as with expected sales I feel that the company, I will have to look to China or India mainly for cost reasons and the quantities that hopefully we will require.

I will upload some of my sourcing work during the week!!!
Thanks for following ,
Jacq xx