Thursday, 24 May 2012

Britain is having a moment !!!

The queens Jubilee and the Olympics is being celebrated all over Britain .Some amazing store displays and windows have been created to help mark these significant events.Even Banksy has left his mark .The below piece of his work appeared earlier this week in north London.The new painting features a child sewing British flags that are actually attached to the wall.The piece appeared  on the side of Poundland on Whymark Avenue in Turnpike Lane.
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Below you will see some pictures from Selfridges British window displays.Very inspiring and creative Love them 1!!

Garment Technology!!!

I had a tutorial today with Rachael my Garment technology tutor.Rachael seemed happy with my progress and pointed out a few measurements that I needed to add and adjust.Nothing major which was a relief!!The weather is beautilful in London this week it was 29 degrees today not helping when I need to get work done.Below are some of my garment tech boards.Still a lot of work to do but it will give you an idea of how its progressing.

Monday, 21 May 2012

So much to do and sooo little Time.........

As I woke up this morning all I wanted to do was hide from the dreaded FMP.If only life was that easy.Just over two weeks to hand in :( STRESS!!!! .I have started my Sourcing today and after a much needed catch up with Debbie one of my tutors , I now feel like I am back on track.My main underwear line will be sourced from the Uk and I will source my Lounge wear and swim wear from Turkey.I also plan to develop a sourcing strategy with China , as with expected sales I feel that the company, I will have to look to China or India mainly for cost reasons and the quantities that hopefully we will require.

I will upload some of my sourcing work during the week!!!
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Friday, 11 May 2012

Girl meets Dress = Love

Kate Middleton once again has all eyes on her this evening at the London Olympic  Gala  event. Wearing a beautiful creation by Jenny Packham she looks every bit the princess.I have fallen in love with this creation. I will have to find myself a sugar daddy  ;) amazing job to fund these amazing pieces.This is not the first time Kate Middleton has worn a jenny Peckham design she was also seen sporting the designer in June.

 Maybe I should just go on the hunt for a Prince :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Love...x X x

Inspire me .....

Four weeks today to Final Major project hand in!!!! Scary times.

I was really happy with the feedback and enthusiasm I received after presenting my initial idea to my two tutors Debbie and Ruth.This reassured me that my concept was commercial and had a place in the market place.However it has turned me into a stress monkey.So much to do and SO little time .Pressure is on!! Really want to do my absolute best in my FMP as this will be my very last piece of work EVER!!! I.I Spent today completing my Comparative shop and structuring an in depth SWOT analysis.This took much longer then I thought.I visited almost every store that stocked mens undies these included, M&S,Newlook,Harrods, Selfridges, Topman,House of Frazier , Hollister, Debenhams and many more. Store assistants must think I have a crazy Fetish for men's underwear as I have spent hours looking at different styles and colour themes in stores After all that boring work was done I found it hard to think about colour schemes and needed some inspiration.The aim of Pance is too create a brand that allows the customer to  express themselves in vibrant , bold and colourful underwear.I have been looking in many different areas for inspiration.

While on my  hunt for inspiration for my beloved , Colour as always is my main focus . Here are some images that are helping to get my creative juices flowing .

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Honey I am Home :)
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I have to apologise ,what can I say I have been a disaster over the last two months regarding my blog.I have been a busy girl trying to add to my experience in the fashion world.I have undertaken two amazing internships the first was for three weeks at Wallis, which is part of the Arcadia group.It is  located above Top shop Oxford circus. Amazing location for a fashionista like myself .

I spent my time at Wallis in the casual bottoms department.I really enjoyed my time there and worked with Rachael and Laura an amazing team.It was a great experience to see how the Arcadia group runs.

I spent my second internship in Crew clothing which is located in Earls field.I loved my time there also.I was given a two week placement.I spent my first week in the design department which i found extremely interesting.It also showed me how my course at the Fashion Retail Academy is preparing me for all areas of the fashion environment.I spent my second week with the menswear buying team.Again this team was very small consisting of just two people.They gave me a invaluable indepth insight into the industry and showed interest in my planned career and my course.

I spent my last week of holidays  at home in Ireland with my friends and family. I love spending time at home .Some of my best friends Sheila and Zoe  are moving to Australia soon so every time we get to spend time together means a lot.I'm dreading June when they are  leaving but its making me work harder at my college work, Hard work =Good Grade=Good Job= AMAZING HOLIDAYS TO AUSTRALIA ha ha :) Its an amazing opportunity for both of them and I'm excited too hear about all there exciting adventures.
Sheila, Zoe and Me
I started back at college after our mid term early April and was hit with the reality that my Final Major Project is due in a few weeks.After much research and getting an amazing opportunity to bring my FMP to life.I have decided to establish a men's underwear brand .The brand will be called Pance and will hopefully be for sale on our online store at  and in some high street stores .It has been so much fun working on the concept and has really opened my eyes to the menswear market and our customer.After spending time at crew I really began to become interested in Menswear fashion and I am really enjoying it now.

Pance is a start up mens underwear  brand.It will design its own range of bright , boldly coloured boxer shorts ,it will also consist of some swimwear, lounge wear and who knows in the future women's wear  :)

It is widely known that men, unlike their female counterparts, have historically not been known to be receptive to change or confident to experiment with their underwear.  Many of the top under wear brands have left their designs the same year in year out, only adapting the style slightly.
Pance is encouraged to see a shift in men’s behaviour. We understand that underpants are becoming less of a need and more of a want for their customers, particularly in our target demographic.  They are a way in which a man can express his style and individuality by purchasing underpants of various styles in an array of colours.

Pance recognises that men are becoming more daring with colour and styles. Men have begun to put more emphasis on their appearance, health and grooming. Purchasing high fashion pieces and keeping up with trends has become the norm. 
Men understand more than ever that the need for comfort, support and attracting much welcomed interest when flaunting their underwear and this has become key when choosing a underwear brand. 

Pance believe that we can take ownership of the underwear market by offering our customers a variety of styles and promoting pance through colour ranges influenced by current fashion trends, offering multipack promotions with different styles and allowing the customer to try different fits before deciding the most appropriate pance for them. This “try before you buy” concept has not yet been achieved in the UK underwear market.  Pance will push the boundaries of the male underwear market with innovative design, colours and branding. 

Underwear has become a key fashion item  due to such high profile entrants to the market such as David Beckham for H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Amazon .  Pance believes that men could be encouraged to buy different types of underwear by educating their customer on how a pair of pance can have different styles, shape and materials which are appropriate for the customers’ body shape and compliment their clothing.  Men need to be introduced to the idea that different styles of underwear can compliment their chosen trousers i.e. wide fronts for skinny jeans.  This is a daily act amongst women.
Men need to be given confidence in their choice of underwear and by demystifying the product we will create loyal customers. 

Below are some colours I have been working on.

A busy few week ahead of research.!! :) Although it has its perks. ;)

 Here is my survey would appreciate if you  could fill it out.

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 Ill keep you updated !!! x

Jackie xXx